Australian author Gwendolyn Beynon comes from a long line of storytellers of Welsh and Cornish stock. She grew up reading romance and fantasy and has written 23 novels (under the pen-name Nikki Logan) but the ‘y Ddraig’ series is her first foray into historical fantasy.

The idea for the ‘y Ddraig’ series came while on a pilgrimage to Wales—the land of her fathers—where she was visiting holy wells and ancient yew trees. She grew captivated with the way that the ancient stories of Welsh literature, myth and history still co-existed comfortably in contemporary Cymru, and by the atmosphere of mystery that still saturates Wales’ natural spaces.

An Arts graduate from Curtin University (with double-majors in Film and Theatre), Gwen has worked in communications all her life. She sold her first book in 2008 and has been writing for a living with her hounds at her feet and Celtic music as a backdrop ever since.