Ascension CoverYOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE — A fortenyear has passed since a dragonling fought its way out of one of dark-age Cymry’s most sought-after relics, the holy Creil.

For the safety of all, Nyneve was raised in ignorance of her heritage by her adopted mother and their protector. But she cannot stay hidden forever, and every passing winter brings her closer to the dramatic Ascension of her kind.

When a silver-haired traveller-in-song arrives in their isolated valley, noble-born Gwanaelle and past sword-arm Eifion are forced to confront the realities and mysteries of Nyneve’s true heritage. Eifion sets off on a dangerous mission back to the world (and King) he’d betrayed, leaving the daughter he loves—and the woman he dares not—in the dubious care of the mysterious Bard.

ASCENSION is the second novel in Gwendolyn Beynon’s ‘Y Ddraig – The Dragons of Brython’ series set in dark-age, Arthurian Wales and continues the adventures begun in book 1, SACRIFICE.

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