Wales’ Ancient Yews

I bored my nephew senseless recently when I had my family around to watch four hours of travel photos in a good, old-fashioned ‘slide night’. Many of my images were holy wells and ancient yew trees and I… Read More

Names & Places: Cymru vs Cymry

Map of Cymry from the 6th century

The Brythonic word kombrogos meant ‘land of the compatriots’ (brogi meaning territory) and this is believed to be the source of the term Cymry which still endures today in the country we know as Wales (see this post on… Read More

The disappointing truth about the ‘father’ of Arthurian romance

We know him as ‘Geoffrey’ and he hailed from the region in Wales today known as Monmouth. His name (in Welsh) was Gruffudd ap Arthur but his friends at the time would have known him as Galfridus Artur(us)… Read More

The Welsh love a good story…

If there’s one thing that struck me on my trip around Wales (and growing up the product of Welsh lineage) it’s that the Welsh love a good tale. They can turn the smallest thing into an evocative, resonating… Read More