Wales’ Ancient Yews

I bored my nephew senseless recently when I had my family around to watch four hours of travel photos in a good, old-fashioned ‘slide night’. Many of my images were holy wells and ancient yew trees and I… Read More

Glossary & List of Characters ‘Ascension’

Welcome to the world of y Ddraig in 547AD Brython. Little has changed about the language or pronunciation since the time of ‘Sacrifice’ but there are some new characters to meet. f – pron. as hard ‘v’ ff… Read More

Maps (‘Ascension’)

A score of years have passed since the time of ‘Sacrifice’ and the political landscape of Brython has changed considerably as the Angles have claimed much of the east of the island. But by the time of ‘Ascension’… Read More

Maps (‘Sacrifice’)

To help you get oriented within the world of y Ddraig, here are two maps showing the spread of Cymry in 528AD and the journey that the characters take within it (modern-day Wales).    

Glossary of characters and pronunciation (Sacrifice, Book I of y Ddraig)

After Rome abandoned Britain to its own protection in the 5th century, those remaining in Briton spoke a mix of old Brythonic (Cymraeg) with Latin overtones. ‘Romano-British’ it is sometimes referred to. This language bears little relationship to… Read More

Map – Cymry 548 AD

The y Ddraig series is set in sixth century Cymry (modern day Cymru or Wales), the borders of which shifted with the politics of the day. After the Romans but before the Angles & Saxons had made much… Read More