Welcome to Claim-time

One of two carefully political months, welcome to Claim-time in the fictional 6th century world of y Ddraig.

This month features the much anticipated fire festival mid-way through the month (on 1 August) at which horses were traded and bonds between men and women were brokered.

The name comes from the practice of first ‘claiming’ the personthat you wished to bind to during the fire festival in a kind of extended betrothal (engagement) . The couple concerned lived together as a bonded pair for a year-and-a-day after which they could bind forever or go their separate ways with no recriminations. Those who chose permanence ‘claimed’ their partner formally at the following year’s fire festival and at midnight (the ‘day’ part of ‘a year and a day’) it was done. Bound.

Similarly, horse deals were brokered during the fire-festival in Claim-time. Breeding was negotiated at one year’s festival and then the resulting weaned foals were delivered the following year. Or they were simply offered for sale/trade during the week long festival.

Finally, this month was the time to be undertaking challenges that celebrated skill and prowess. This was true of the men as much as their horses. Showing off, in other words, to attract the mate (or buyer) of your choice.